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Tomb Raider (2013)

Destruction VFX

(Pending Screen Captures)


Tomb Raider (2013)

Motion Capture & Cinematic Assembly

(Pending Screen Captures)



King Kong (2005)
Motion Edit &/or Layout for Shots Shown Below

King Kong (2005)
Motion Edit for Digital Doubles
for Shots Shown Below


"Infinite Possibilities" (2011)
Compositing, Stabilization, Tracking & Rig Removal
for the shots show below


Splatterhouse (2010)

Realtime In-Game VFX

Havok FX, Particle VFX for Cinematics

I created the fire, dust, rocks, blood, sparks, distortion & decal cracks.
In addition, I setup the scripted the XML file to fire off the right effect at the right time during the realtime sequence.



Revolution (2006)

Pre-Rendered Cinematic

Custom Facial Motion Capture created with 2 video cameras and motion tracking software. Compositing of a "2.5D" environment and color correction


Bobbsey Twins Go To Hell (2005)
Procedural Paint Out, Rotowork, CGI Wings & Compositing


Particle effects, Compositing, CGI Candy Bowl w/ Reflections


Chair Paintout, Rotosplines & Particle Snow


CGI Photo, Motion Tracking & Compositing



Henchmen (2007)
CGI Weapon & Compositing



Motion Track & Compositing